Diagnostix E-Sphyg Thigh Digital Manual

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Diagnostix E-Sphyg Thigh Digital Manual
- Thigh 15.9 - 25.7
- The diaphragm gears springs and linkages - the very components that make an aneroid vulnerable to shock vibration and over-inflation were removed - and replaced with electronic pressure sensors IC chips and a backlit extra large easy to read liquid crystal digital display
- Shock resistant
- Easy to read in daylight as it is in a dark room
- Displays deflation rate to promote more accurate measurements
- It is so efficient it gets up to 1500 cycles on two AAA batteries
- It provides two battery strength warnings - advance and urgent to ensure you never lose power at an inopportune time
- It will work with virtually every major brand of blood pressure cuff on the market
- It has a systolic assist that will alert you about 20mmHg before the onset of Korotkoff sounds
- A pulse monitor that will display pulse rate once measurement is complete
- It will remind you to check calibration once per year or every 10 000 cycles whichever comes first
- This instrument will turn itself off to conserve battery strength
- Used with stethoscope (not included)
- Lifetime calibration warranty

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