Universal Built-up Handle (pack-4)

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Ergonomic Soft Built-up Handle Makes It Easier For People With Arthritis Or Limited Grasping Ability To Self-feed And Perform Other Activities Of Daily Living * Multi-purpose Handle Easily And Instantly Creates A Larger Gripping Surface On Most Standard Eating Utensils -forks Knives Spoons - Eliminating The Need For Special Built-up Utensils * Soft Ribbed Handle Fits Comfortably In The Hand And Reduces Pain And Cramping * Can Also Be Used With Other Everyday Items Such As Pens Pencils Toothbrushes Crochet Hooks And Knitting Needles * 1 (4.4 Cm) Diameter Handle Accommodates Utensils With Widths From - 1 (.64 - 2.54 Cm) * Measures 3 5/8 (9.22 Cm) * Dishwasher Safe * Package Of 4 * Warranty: 12 Months * Handles Only--utensils Toothbrushes Etc. Are Not Included

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