Airheel Ankle Brace Large (M: 10-13, W: 11-15)

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Airheel Ankle Brace Large (M: 10-13, W: 11-15)

Shoe Size: Large * Men 10-13 Women 11-15 * An Effective Modality For The Dynamic Functional Treatment Of Plantar Fasciitis And Achilles Tendonitis * With Each Step The Aircast Airheel Provides Intermittent Compression Through An Aircell Under The Plantar Arch Interacting With An Aircell Surrounding The Achilles Tendon *these Air-cells Produce Pulsating Compression During Ambulation That Helps Minimize Swelling And Discomfort And Provides Rapid Pain Relief * Can Be Used For Right Or Left Foot * Hcpcs Suggested Code: L2999

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