Dr. Archy Foot Massager

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The Dr. Archy All-in-one Foot Tool Can Be Used To Treat Your Arches With Gentle Yet Robust Massage Which Can Help Address Symptoms Usually Associated With Sore Feet Heel/arch Pain And Plantar Fasciitis * The 3 Major Muscle Supports In The Foot's Plantar Surface (sole) Are Thoroughly Massaged And Relaxed With The Included Dr. Archy Attachments * The Design Of Dr. Archy Takes Advantage Of The Muscle Structure Of The Foot And Lower Leg To Provide A Natural Low-impact Exercising Motion That Supports Stretches And Massages Your Arches * Working The Extrinsic And Intrinsic Muscles Of The Lower Leg And Foot Dr. Archy Helps Relieve Sore Feet Heel/arch Pain And Plantar Fasciitis * Patients With Plantar Fasciitis Can Use Dr. Archy As A Device To Stretch The Plantar Fascia And Increase Flexibility.

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