Dry Pro Cast Guard w-Pro-Pump Small Half-Leg 21

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Dry Pro Cast Guard w/Pro-Pump Small Half-Leg 21
- Half Leg: Length 21 L (9 Opening)
- For Youth and Small Adults Excellent retail packaging - Sells itself
- The XeroSox Pro Pump is the only leg and arm protector with the patented watertight vacuum seal
- The XeroSox fits snugly yet comfortably during a shower bath and even an active swim
- Unlike modified garbage bag products the Xerosox cannot slip off and leak. You can't even pull it off
- The Xerosox is rugged and made of high quality surgical latex
- Special non-skid-grid helps prevent slipping
- The built in Pro-Pump also acts as a gauge showing that the vacuum is intact and cannot leak
- Shipping Carton Size: 12 L x 10 W x 6 H
- Pumps the air out

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