Jobst Anti-em Knee-hi Large Regular Closed Toe White

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Designed To Reduce The Risk Of Deep Vein Thrombosis (dvt) Commonly Known As Blood Clots * Specially Designed As A Thrombo Embolic Deterrent Stocking Jobst Anti-embolism Applies Gradient Compression Highest At The Ankle And Gradually Decreases This Pressure Up The Leg To Improve Blood Flow * It Is Improved Blood Flow That Helps Reduce The Risk For Dvt * Jobst Anti-embolism Knee Highs And Thigh Highs Are For Patients Who Are Resting In Bed Or Otherwise Immobile (non Ambulatory) * Jobst Anti-embolism Knee Highs And Thigh Highs Are Designed To Be Worn By Both Men And Women * Accurate Gradient Compression Therapy Minimizes The Risk Of Dvt (blood Clots) * Soft Breathable Fabric Is Lightweight And Comfortable * Latex-free Formula Helps Avoid Allergic Reactions Sometimes Associated With Other Hosiery Products * Reinforced Heel Is Designed For Long Lasting Wear * Calf Circumference: 15 - 18 * Length From Heel To Bend Of Knee: 14 - 17

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