Stop Your Bending Deluxe Hip Kit (7-piece)w-26

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Contents: (1) 26 Lightweight Reacher (item # Bj100150) (1) Long Handle 'figure 8'sponge (item # Bj100181) (1) Formed Sock Aid (item # Bj100100) (1) 24 Metal Shoehorn (item # Bj100145) (1) 27 Dressing Stick (item # Bj100110) (1 Pair) 24 Elastic Shoe Laces - White (item # Bj100131) & (1 Pair) 24 Elastic Shoe Laces - Black (item # Bj100130) * Perfect For People Who Are Recovering From Hip Knee Or Other Surgeries Where Bending And Mobility Is Compromised Or Difficult * Contains Products Most Often Recommended By Therapists *

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