Str8-n-up Posture Support Small Solid Black

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Small: 16.5 - 18.5 * Measure Across The Upper Chest * Be Sure To Measure Above The Bust Area * Solid Black Band With Decorative Gray Stitching And Black Buckle * Whether You Are At The Office Gym Golf Course Home School Or In Travel You May Be Compromising Your Form And Not Even Know It * Relieves The Problems We Are Wreaking To Our Bodies And Future Health Due To Slouching Hunching And Stress * Start Retraining Reminding And Realigning Your Body With The Help Of Str8-n-up * Str8-n-up Is Designed Based On Muscle Memory * Wear For Only 30-minutes A Day And Start Conditioning Yourself To Be More Aware Of Improper Form So That You Can Correct Your Posture And Keep It In Check * Str8-n-up Helps You To Know And Feel What Proper Form Should Be * When To Use Str8-n-up: * Up To 30-minutes During Your Lunch Or Coffee Breaks At The Office Or Workplace * Up To 30-minutes Prior Or After Any Physical Activity (yoga Exercising Pilates Walking/running Etc.) * Up To 30-minutes After Or During Video Gaming Sessions * Up To 30-minutes After Driving* Or Traveling Long Hours * Up To 30-minutes Anytime You Want To Destress And Stretch Out Your Neck And Shoulder Muscles * Up To 30-minutes In Between Breast Feedings To Relax Tensed Muscles And Recorrect Your Form * Up To 30-minutes Before A Game Of Golf For A Relaxed And Consistent Correct Form

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